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Vitaker products contain many natural ingredients, so your hair really gets expert care. Among other things: 


What to do about keratin and some vitamins that are essential for hair: 


Argan oil is rich in nutrients that contribute to the health of the hair. It is often used to restore and nourish the condition of the hair, even in the most damaged condition. Argan oil contains plenty of vitamin E and antioxidants to protect your hair from damage. Can be used on all hair types, even on dyed hair that requires special treatment. It moisturizes the hair to a great extent and makes it shiny. It reduces hair loss almost immediately and does a lot for the elasticity and health of the hair. Due to its beneficial effects, it is included in many Vitaker products.


It is rich in vitamins, mainly vitamin A, vitamins B and E, but is also rich in iron, folic acid, protein and thiamine. It is also high in fiber. It also has an extremely good effect on health and hair. The oil extracted from macadamia nuts protects the hair from UV radiation and air pollution, as well as chemicals from heat damage and other treatments. Excellent hydration of hair and reduces crepe / curl. Due to its favorable properties, it is included in several Vitaker products.


Coconut oil is full of healthy saturated fatty acids and also contains vitamin E, which is an effective antioxidant. Coconut oil gives the hair a shine like nothing else. It penetrates the hair and makes the hair smoother, replenishing nutrients lost in the hair over time. It can be used on all hair types and another great advantage is that it can be used at the same time as other ingredients, thus maximizing the power of this magical oil. Enjoy the positive effects of coconut oil through Vitaker products.

Rosemary oil

Rosemary oil is excellent for the natural treatment of hair loss and the promotion of hair growth, but it also plays a major role in hair regeneration. It also eliminates thinning of the hair, i.e. strengthens the hair.

Shea butter

It is high in antioxidants and full of vitamins A and E, which protect it from UV radiation. It perfectly hydrates and regenerates hair. It has an anti-inflammatory effect and is excellent for softening and revitalizing damaged and broken hair.

The effectiveness of Vitaker products is based on the use of natural ingredients. THE RESULTS ARE VISIBLE AFTER THE FIRST USE ALREADY. YOU WILL BE SURPRISED! Discover yourself! 

Keratin - soul of hair

The main component of hair is keratin (90%), which is a predominantly sulfur-containing protein. If we do not spare our hair, for example, by regularly dyeing, melting, ironing or perforating, we will only further promote the possible deterioration of the condition, our hair will thin out faster, dry out, and lose its elasticity and shine. Keratin is an unstable substance that decomposes into strong alkalis, acids and heat. It follows that if our hair is broken or very vulnerable, it needs to be treated with keratin preparations. Few know that keratin is also responsible for the curl or straightness of our hair. Keratin Hair Care / Hair Treatment: Vitaker Keratin Hair Care / Hair Treatments help to restore the compactness, volume, shine and elasticity of the hair structure through the regenerating properties of the keratin and other useful substances (vitamin E, collagen, etc.) in them. Perfect for extra damaged, chemically treated hair as well as bleached, dyed hair. Vitaker hair care products and treatments do not break sulfur bonds in the hair, they just rearrange them, while ensuring the structural smoothness of the hair and allowing the damaged hair to be replenished. Thus, in the case of chemically treated (dyed, melted, etc.) and thus damaged hair, it restores its natural state, "closes" it, as a result of which the problem of breakage, frizz, crepe, frizz and combability disappears. Vitaker offers keratin hair treatments for professional use on the one hand, and hair care and styling products that are available for both home and professional use on the other. Try Vitaker's keratin-free, chemical-free products. You will not be disappointed in them!


Biotin, also known as vitamin B7, is called a beauty vitamin. It promotes the formation of structural proteins such as keratin and collagen. It contributes to the health, richness and growth of hair through its extraordinary hair strengthening properties. It also improves the texture and quality of the hair, gives shine to the hair and reduces hair loss.


Provitamin B5, a precursor to vitamin B, which, once it enters the skin, is rapidly converted to pantothenic acid, which plays an important role in the activity of cells and tissues. When used in hair care preparations, it improves and strengthens the structure of the hair, smoothes the hair strands, and when used, the hair becomes easy to comb. It easily adheres to and coats the surface of keratin, giving it an enhanced sheen.

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