Delivery conditions out of Hungary

The delivery cost out of Hungary is calculated individually in each case, based on the delivery address. Therefore, in case of delivery out of Hungary, you can only settle the value of the order with transfer subsequently. Of course, we only ask you to settle the value of the order if you have accepted the delivery fee.

This way the process of the order:

  1. You send the order with the delivery address (out of Hungary) or you send us an email with request for delivery cost (Please, don't forget to give us your delivery address.).
  2. We will give you the payable amount with delivery cost together and all details for payment via transfer subsequently.
  3. In case you accept it, please tranfer the amount.
  4. When we received the order amount we will start the delivery proccess. 


Please inquire about delivery fees before ordering. Your order will be delivered contactless, with courier service.

ATTENTION! Promotions for delivery are valid in case of delivery addresses in Hungary.
Payment with CASH is ONLY available for delivery addresses in Hungary.

In case of ordering, please select the appropriate delivery method and fee. In EU countries ouf of Hungary tarrifs are different from hungarian delivery fees. Orders from EU countries we can fulfill only in case of payment with PRETRANSFER or CREDIT CARD.

In each case our customer service staff will check the order details including the selected delivery method/fees. If the selected delivery method is incorrect, youwillbe informed by email of the valid delivery fees. We are only able to fulfill orders submitted with a confirmed, appropriate delivery method/fees. Thank you in advance for your understanding.

We can fulfill orders in Europe according to the following fees.

If you are in doubt as to the delivery fee applicable to your address, please contact us and we will inform you.

Email: or Phone: +36 70 540 1093

We reserve the right to make changes in delivery fees.