Volume: 100 g

Vitaker ANTI-AGEING PLATINUM hair treatment- 
for blonde hair, gray hair and damaged hair

Recommended for blonde and gray hair.
Botox efect mask.
It rebuilds lost proteins and keratine in hair exposed to dyed and chemical treatments. Remove unwanted jaundice. Hair is silky, ultrafic, healthy.

Blonde Hair Botox

Important note: The SOS treatments are ideal for use between Brazilian Keratin Treatments and before colouring and highlights. They provide intensive care, keeping the hair healthy and naturally moisturized.

  • Suitable for:

    Blonde, highlighted, grey hair (especially thick, dry, dull and frizzy hair) as long as it is in a healthy state **

    **Damaged and fragile hair, should first be treated with the Hydramax Therapy to strengthen the hair cuticle. SOS Anti-Ageing is extremely rich in amino acids and trace elements, so if the treatment is applied on very damaged and fragile hair, it may result in the opposite of the desired effect, leaving the hair looking rough and frizzy.

    Once the hair is restored the SOS Anti-Ageing Platinum treatment can be done. The two treatments can be done on the same day.

  • What is it?

    The mask was specially developed to treat blonde, bleached, highlighted and grey hair that has been damaged by colouring and chemical processes.

    It is a rich, moisturizing formulation that contains collagen and elastin and is able to penetrate the hair shaft, rebuilding it internally.
    The special, anti-yellowing formulation eliminates unwanted yellow, improving the appearance of the hair.
    Results are visible after the first application.

  • How to apply

    Gently wash the hair with a cleansing shampoo (for very damaged hair use the SOS treatment shampoo). Rinse and repeat the process.

    Towel dry the hair 80% and apply S.O.S Anti-Ageing Platinum.

    Massage the hair thoroughly and leave it on for 15 (fine, damaged) to 30 minutes (thick, healthy). Do not use any heat.

    Rinse thoroughly and blow-dry the hair.

    Divide the hair into thick sections and iron each section 5 times. The iron should be set at 210 (thin, fragile) 230 (thick, healthy) hair.

  • What to expect?

    Ultra-shiny, silky, smooth, healthy, with frizz free hair.

    Volume reduction.

    It also leaves the hair with a beautiful blonde colour.

8,890 Ft