Salon starter Kit + 1 Gift


Starter pack contents:

  • 1 db Haireconstruct (100ml)
  • 1 db Pre-Treatment shampoo (100ml)
  • 1 db Anti-Ageing hair mask (100g)
  • + 1 db Quick Fix Blow-Dry hair styling fluid (30ml) GIFT



Presentation: 70ml

Applicable: All hair types, especially damaged hair

Exclusive bio repair system.
21 amino acids and keratin complex content.
The formula reverses the damage caused by chemical effects (dyeing, bleaching, etc.)
The result is a complete hair structure repair and hair healing.


  • Complete hair structure repair and restoration.
  • Stops hair fracture and "elastic" hair effect.
  • Eliminates the frizz state.
  • The hair will be healthy again, extremely silky and smooth.
  • It can also result in straighter and smoother hair! If this is not desirable, we recommend using Cell treatment.


Packaging: 100ml

Applicable: For all hair types, especially thin, damaged, brittle hair.


  • Promotes gentle cleansing
  • Neutral PH
  • Stabilizes hair PH
  • Sodium Chloride free
  • Mild tensoactives in order to preserve the hair structure


Packaging: 100g

Applicable: For all hair types, especially thin, damaged, brittle hair.

Botox hair mask.
It is specially designed to replace nutrients that hair loses over time through heat treatments (hair drying, hair straightening, etc.).


  • Ultra-bright, silky, smooth hair.
  • Healthy hair structure.
  • Anti-frizz and volume reduction effect.

+ QUICK FIX Blow-Dry hair styler fluid:

For all hair types.


Instant formatting.
Hair straightening effect.
The combination of keratin, collagen, panthenol is a perfect hybrid between grooming and shaping.

The result, 30% shorter drying time, smooth, straight hair surface, long-lasting effect.

Due to its concentrated formula, the original packaged product is sufficient for up to 100 ocasions.

The results is striking after the first use!

Kiemelt összetevők:
Keratin, kollagén, pantenol


  • Silky, shiny, pleasant-smelling hair
  • Color protection
  • 30% shorter hair drying time
  • Smooth, straight hair surface
  • Lasting effect
  • UV and heat protection

Apply a small amount to wet hair, then dry and shape it as you like.

More details about the product in the salon catalog.

* Pictures of certain products show the original presentation.

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