SPECIAL MASK CAP - can be heated/refrigerated

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Packing list: 1 pc. 

Microwavable Heating Cap Dyed Hair Oil Cap Hot Cold Dual Use Hat Hair Care Cap Cordless Heated Deep Conditioning Cap

Bullet Points:

  1. Deep conditioning: The heat can systematically make the ingredients penetrate into the hair follicle more effectively, so that your hair is more comfortable and soft, and promote healthy hair growth.

  2. Safe to use: No power outlet or battery. Simply put in the microwave for about 1 minute (the first heating for 30 seconds) to preheat, or if it is not warm enough to add a few seconds.

  3. Convenience: Cordless, lightweight design, let you use in daily housework or leisure time, portable and free to move.

  4. Foldable: portable folding design, easy to use for home travel.

  5. With elasticity: with elastic edges, the hat can be modified according to all head sizes. The elastic material in the cap has excellent memory and therefore maintains shape and efficiency after continuous use.

Easy to clean: Wipe with a damp cloth.

Name: Special Mask Cap
Material: gel, polyester
Hat mouth: elastic band
Use method: cold therapy, microwave heating, refrigerator refrigeration
Uses: for personal or hair salon care hair

For cold/hot care, you need to bring a shower cap before using the product (or not easy to get dirty and the effect is not good).
When using a microwave heating cap, you need to bring a shower cap to heat it. (best effect)
Please be careful not to heat for a long time. If heated for more than 20 minutes, the product may be damaged.
Do not use it for other purposes other than to care for hair and nails.

To avoid product damage, do not sit on the product or squeeze.

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