The perfect Gift

Quantity: 1 box


Content of the box:

  • Vitaker Macadamia hair serum
  • 1 month Hairboom hair vitamin capsules (60 capsules)
  • Hairboom hair brush

Vitaker Macadamia Hair Serum is the most popular product by Vitaker Hungary, which has a number of immediately perceptible beneficial properties, such as: 

- smoothes the surface of hairs while nourishing intensely
- improves the condition of split ends
- gives the hair a beautiful shine makes hair especially soft and silky
- fantastic fragrance 

The nutrients in Hairboom can help: 

- faster hair growth
- slowing down or eliminating hair loss restoration of problematic hair structure - maintaining normal hair and skin

The most complex exterior-interior hair care package 

Perfect Christmas gift for women 


We have put together the perfect exterior and interior hair care packages for you! In these you will find everything your hair may need to shine with your beautiful, long, healthy hair crown! The creation of the complex package was preceded by great preparations, because as always, we wanted to offer you the best! HAIRBOOM's products were worthy of Vitaker Hungary's products, as reliable, efficient, premium quality was the primary consideration in the cooperation. This way you can be sure that in addition to the most appropriate exterior care for your hair, your inner nourishment will also get into the best hands! By making a complex hair care package, we provide an excellent alternative to a Christmas gift idea that is sure to look good under the tree. All this in beautiful, sophisticated packaging, and joy is guaranteed no matter who surprises you with it. 

How do you use the products? 

 > Apply a small amount of Macadamia hair serum (2-4 pumps depending on hair length) to damp or dry hair, skipping the scalp. Use before hair drying / styling, to protect hair or as a finishing step. 

> The recommended daily intake of HAIRBOOM is 2 × 1 capsules daily at different times of the day after a meal.

** Limited Edition ** 

19,990 Ft