S. PLATINUM SHAMPOO & CONDITIONER for yellowed blonde and gray hair

Best choice for blonde hair

Packaging: 300 ml

Specifically for yellowed blonde and gray hair


The Smart Care Coconut and Violet extract concentrated formula provides exceptional care for blonde and bleached hair. The Violet extract removes unwanted yellow in hair,

Sodium Chloride free products.

Highly concentrated formula

Nourishing ingredients

Suitable for blonde and bleached hair with yellow tones.

The special formula contains Coconut, Macadamia oil and Violet flower extract. It provides exceptional care for blonde, bleached, highlighted hair. It rebuilds the hair structure, deeply regenerating and strengthening its protective layer. The Violet flower extract helps to remove all the unwanted yellow from the hair.[PV1]

Key ingredients in the formula:

Violet extract: It is added in the formula in a high concentration and it is capable of removing the unwanted yellow from the hair.

Hydrogenated Macadamia seed oil: This rich amino acid content is the real winner for skin and hair. It helps to add shine, strength, and nourishment to the hair follicles, which in turn, fight off hair loss and brittle strands. Macadamia oil is great for calming the hair from frizz, tangles and dullness.

Hydrolyzed Collagen: Hair follicles can be damaged by free radicals. Collagen may act as an antioxidant that can fight free radicals and prevent hair damage.

Cocos Nucifera oil: This oil has the ability to stimulate hair growth, making hair longer, thicker and healthier.

Professional tip:

To maintain a beautiful hair colour, the Smart Care Platinum Shampoo & Conditioner range should be used once a week or every 2 weeks.

What you will get:

The Violet extract present in the formulation removes all the unwanted yellow in the hair.

10,890 Ft